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About us

Director of the headquarters for the victims of terrorism Daniel Nehorai Cohen.

Daniel is married plus five children. Lives in the city of Safed.


Daniel started the world of women's beauty and literature from the age of 13 and continued from Israel to Monaco in the French Riviera and after that to Paris. and from Paris to the United States and reached great success in the world of beauty, famous women's literature and the rich communities from 1980 to 1994. Daniel reached the height of success in a very short time, was the personal book of the Beygis band Julio Iglesias and much more. In 1997 he got married in Israel after a two-year period of repentance and joining Chabad Hasidim. He left everything at the peak of success in the world of women's literature and a hair products company.  


Daniel Nahorai's dream was to build the house of his dreams in the old city   in Safed with a house born for large hospitality and the study of Hasidism and Kabbalah. At the outbreak of the Intifada in 2000   in light of Barbi's outcry about the integrity of the country 

which brought all of the attacks my soul stopped from all the dreams of building the mansion in Safed. And with the blessing of my dear righteous wife, I opened an organization   called the headquarters for the victims of the IDF terrorism for the soldiers. 


And I started working hard and going to visit hospitals and widows' and orphans' homes all week from Sunday to Friday. For 26 years, the money ran out, I got married with debts and without a home. The activity was mothers of wounded mothers orphans mothers widows and mothers of soldiers as well as lone soldiers and a mission for 3 years at the peak of the Kassim in Sderot and also during the 2nd Lebanon War to take 400 families from the north to the city of Bnei Brak for a holiday that I opened in two schools. and camps every summer for the children of the victims of terrorism.  And hundreds more social projects from the especially weak strata. And every attack jumps me to great action because the pain of the victims of terrorism is in my blood and I know what they are going through and what they need from the moment of the attack. This war also had a strong hold on me even though there were attacks all the time, an attack here and an attack there, unfortunately there is always work.  


Our activity provides an answer to everyone in a direct, respectful and gentle way to take care of the wounded from the day he was injured, what he needs personally, what would be good for him, what is happening with his family at home, to digest the pressures and to always provide an answer of help. Financially and mentally all the way and it can take weeks, months and even years to maintain a strong and close relationship. Equally with widows and orphans. Everyone must know that the victims of terrorism do not have an easy life, especially from all authorities such as councils or municipalities or the government.  


The victims of terrorism urgently need dignified and immediate humanitarian aid for their sake and for their medal.  

The only and the best and wonderful way to benefit them, to make them an easy life, a life of true contentment, to rehabilitate. It is to offer them help in all ways to always digest the physical pain, the mental and financial pain including assistance and help especially to the children of the victims of terrorism and the victims of terrorism. And the only way to help and give and contribute is very, very large costs with large funds and a huge budget, this is our fuel for them and thanks to a great mitzvah for everyone who donates and donates to us to directly transfer the financial grant and the activity to the victims of terrorism. I bless the donors with all the blessings from above, physically, spiritually, health and success in life in everything you need, Amen and Amen.      

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