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Accessibility statement

We have invested a lot of effort to make the site accessible to the various target audiences, in accordance with the options available within Wix and in accordance with the requirements of the Israeli standard ["Regulations on equal rights for people with disabilities". 

​ The site has been adapted to all known technological aids, used by surfers with permanent or temporary disabilities.

and adapted to the common browsers on the market - Google Chrome and Internet Explorer

The accessibility actions performed on the site, include:


Adapting the website pages to the screen readers, the sellers.

Setting up all the elements and components on the site.

Improving color contrast and using clear colors.

Clear and comfortable navigation on the site [also] using the keyboard.

Matching textual [verbal] alternatives to images and graphic elements.

Adding labels in the search fields and contact forms and collecting leads on the site.

Defining pages, contents, titles, paragraphs and designing a clear hierarchy.

Making keyboard adjustments - changing the display size by pressing the Ctrl + / Ctrl keys, as well as: browsing using the Tab and Enter keys.

We avoided and reduced, as much as possible, the use of animations - excessive mobility / "floating" / "gliding" of elements and content on the website pages. ​

Yet -

In any case where you encounter a discrepancy, we will be happy to hear from you about it, so that we can correct the required correction, improve the site and adapt it to your use, 

​ When you contact us, it is very important to indicate: on which page you encountered the problem, what is the nature of the problem, which device you used, and which browser you used.

You can contact Daniel Nehorai Cohen at any time, in all the accepted means of communication, and which are most convenient for you.


via phone   and mobile text messages:  050-2213770


By email:

and by fax:08-6611713



An accessibility test was performed on 11/13/23

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