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The assistance we provide

and ask for requests.

We grant

Assistance to families in need 
Aid to widows and orphans
Aid to the families of war victims 
Legal aid 
The Center for the Welfare of Victims of Terrorism 
The trauma and anxiety treatment center for mental health care for children and youth

We grant

  Aid to soldiers. FIDF 
Aid to the lone soldier and the ultra-orthodox soldier
Aid to the injured victims of terrorism 

A spiritual kit for soldiers

7,700 soldiers will receive the spiritual weapon for protection and protection for success and blessing. Thanks to your donation.

Spiritual value

Aid to the lone soldier and the ultra-Orthodox soldier

The lone soldier The lone soldier The dear ordinary soldier !!

An ordinary soldier comes home after a grueling week, a warm and embracing family awaits him, a warm welcome, a warm home waiting for him, mother's hot food, a pampering Friday dinner, spending time with friends...

On the other hand, a lone soldier returns to where? 
He does not have a warm welcome, there is no warm home to which he returns, he does not have a mother to prepare hot food for him, he makes Friday meals alone, he has no one to vent to who is difficult for him, he does not have a warm and loving family that accompanies him so that his service goes easily.😥

A soldier who does not have a protective shell accompanying him encounters many physical and mental difficulties.

This is exactly why we established the "Center's Project for the Haredi Soldier and the Lone Soldier."

Hello, my name is  Daniel Nehorai Cohen, 27 years ago I decided to give up my dream of building a holiday estate in the Galilee for the spiritual experience for free travelers.  
At the outbreak of the Intifada  in the year 2000  I started dedicating my life and all my money over 2 million dollars  and my all for the victims of terrorism and for all the wars and soldiers  the ultra-Orthodox who want to serve  and are afraid  so I let them come to sleep with me and train them to the army with faith and security 
And also the lone soldiers who left everything to serve in the army.

Since then we have helped hundreds of lonely and ultra-Orthodox soldiers. 

I established  28  apartments for lone soldiers scattered throughout the country.

In the soldiers' apartments, you get all the clothing a soldier needs.
Warmth, love, family

A weekend is the most important time for recharging the lone soldier's energy, so we decided to invest in very indulgent Shabbat dinners where the lone soldiers  pocket money for their personal matters. 
And they will receive plenty of food, treats and together they will be able to vent to each other and share experiences..
And that's how to return to base with lots of energy for another grueling week.

Every week we make Shabbat meals for all our ultra-Orthodox and lonely soldiers,



Come be partners   with us the world of charity and the coolness of good deeds. 

Take upon yourselves the commandments of charity. 
And this is how we give strength to those soldiers who left everything for us


Distribution of gift cards

Gift card

We are giving a loaded gift card from NIS 1,000 to NIS 10,000
Cash to buy in all stores food clothing urgent payments
Everything anyone needs.

Brothers for the victims of terrorism  


Today they are victims of Hamas terrorism 
Tomorrow they are  victims of the government's terror in body, soul and financially.  . 
Thanks to your donation we will not leave them!

Embracing the victims of terrorism.  We hug the wives and families of the abductees. 

Hugging the families 
The reserves
You victims of terrorism are not alone. 

We are here for you and with you. 
the wounded 
the soldiers 
orphan widows 
The families of the victims of the war. 

Do you have the address   of the Angels of Daniel Nahorai, the headquarters for the victims of terrorism. from 2000. 

Support   In the wives of IDF soldiers!

Keeping the morale of the reservists' families in the home front - because that's the only way we'll win!

Donate to support the families of the victims of terrorism - and we will take care of them until victory!


We are all for the soldiers' wives who were recruited for the war!

Since the beginning of the war in Israel, the soldiers' wives are our real heroes. They are the ones who stayed behind for the sake of the people of Israel, for over a month now, missing, praying and carrying the burden of the house, the financial burden and the loneliness.

On Shabbat they are alone, facing the great challenges of managing the house while the husband is fighting at the front. At night they pray and wait for him to return.

They are there for us!

Loneliness, difficulty and worry.


We must be there for them and for the children who are waiting for their father to return!

The project of the headquarters for the victims of terrorism 2023 invites you to donate to the project "wrapping the families of the reservists" for the wives and children of the reservists.

Every shekel donated will help purchase vouchers, food and gift card cash   for the soldiers' families!

for the families of the victims of terrorism 
for the families of the victims of the war. 
for the soldiers' families.

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