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The campaign for the sake of the terror, for the sake of the soldiers and the sake of the victims of war.

Charity and good deeds for.

The injured victims of terrorism

and the bereaved families.

The activity of the headquarters for the victims of terrorism is dedicated to lifting up the souls of the pure martyrs Daniel Waldman and Noam Shay Hid 

Assistance to families in need

Aid to the injured victims of terrorism

Aid to the lone soldier and the ultra-orthodox soldier 

Aid to soldiers.  FIDF 

legal aid

Aid to the families of war victims

The center for the treatment of trauma and anxiety

Aid to widows and orphans

Here you can volunteer, donate and request requests

The Center for the Welfare of Victims of Terrorism

Here you can
volunteer and request requests 


Our activity, the solidarity of charity and good deeds will be for the upliftment of the souls and the merit of all the holy and pure martyrs who were murdered on the morning of Simchat Torah, Yom Shabbat, 7/10/2023

all of us Prayer and charity and good decisions to their credit 

For the abductees and the missing to soon return home safe and sound.


Opening remarks by the founder and director of the headquarters for the victims of terrorism

Daniel Nehorai Cohen. Married plus five children. Lives in the city of Safed. Daniel started the world of women's beauty and literature at the age of 13, continued from Israel to Monaco in the French Riviera and after that to Paris. and from Paris to the United States and achieved great success in the world of beauty, famous women's literature and the rich communities from 1980 to 1994. Daniel achieved success in a very short time, was the personal book of the Beygis band Julio Iglesias and much more. In 1997 he got married in Israel after a period of two years, returned to repentance, joined Chabad Hassidism. He left everything at the peak of success, world literature, women and a hair products company.


Daniel Nahorai's dream was to build the house of his dreams in the old city of Safed with a house born for large hospitality and the study of Hasidism and Kabbalah. At the outbreak of the Intifada in 2000, in light of Barbie's outcry about the integrity of the country which brought all of the attacks my soul stopped from all the dreams of building the mansion in Safed. And with the blessing of my dear righteous wife, I opened an organization called the headquarters for the victims of IDF terrorism for the soldiers.


And I started working hard and going to visit hospitals and widows' and orphans' homes all week Sunday to Friday 26 years I ran out of money I got married with debts and without a home. The activity was mothers of wounded mothers orphans mothers of widows and mothers of soldiers as well as lone soldiers and a mission for 3 years at the height of the Kassim in Sderot and also during the 2nd Lebanon War to take 400 families from the north to the city of Bnei Brak for a holiday that I opened in two schools. and camps every summer for the children of the victims of terrorism. and hundreds of other social projects from the especially weak strata. And every attack jumps me to great action because the pain of the victims of terrorism is in my blood and I know what they are going through and what they need from the moment of the attack. This war also had a strong hold on me despite attacks all the time, an attack here and an attack there, unfortunately there is always work for a few years for every victim, especially the wounded, the orphans and the widows.


Our activity provides an answer to everyone in a direct, respectful and gentle way, to take care of the wounded from the day he was injured, what he needs personally, what would be good for him, what is going on with his family at home, to digest the pressures and always provide an answer of help. Financially and mentally all the way and this can take weeks and months and also maintain a strong and close relationship. Equally with widows and orphans. It is mandatory for everyone who lives an easy life for the victims of terrorism especially to know what kind of municipality or government they are.


The victims of terrorism urgently need dignified and immediate humanitarian aid for themselves and their families. The only and the best and wonderful way to benefit them, to make them an easy life, a life of true contentment, to rehabilitate. It is to offer them help in all ways to always digest the physical pain, the mental and financial pain, including assistance and help especially to the children of the victims of terrorism or the victims of terrorism. And the only way to help give and donate is very large costs with large funds and a huge budget, this is our fuel for them and thanks to a great mitzvah for everyone who will contribute to us to transfer the financial grant and the activity to the victims of terrorism. I bless the donors with all the blessings from above, physically, spiritually, health and success in everything you do, Amen and Amen


Pictures from our activity


Bank account number
in the United States

Check donations are available as well, and tax deductible, through Ezrat Israel Inc. tax ID# 11-3637996

-- please indicate the cause in the memo line of the check:

Goodness and Kindness Projects
Have a Great and Meaningful day 
Rabbi Daniel Nehorai Cohen

Letter mail delivery

and sending checks

The address

Barkat St. 7 
PO Box Number 12114 
The zip code is 1304447
The city of Safed 
the state ofIsrael

* Receipts to receive tax exemption for any donation in the United States.  

The details are on behalf of:

Donations to Ezrat Israel

Tax deductible #11-3637996

Account Number
organization in Israel

Postal bank

Think numberBank number 3518222

Branch number 001

Bank number 09

Address ; The bank, 217 Jaffa Street, Jerusalem


Mercantile Discount Bank
Daniel Nahorai Cohen
ID card 057897738
Bank branch number 732
Bank account number 
Bank number 17

standing by Israel
Israel is under attack

Israel is under attack

The current situation
In Israel it is terrible

For the past few days, thousands of families have been huddled in shelters. Bombs and rockets are launched into Israel too frequently.

It is our duty at this hour to stand by the soldiers for everything they need, each one personally, what she needs and what she and her family are going through. It is our duty to take care of the wounded victims of terrorism and the victims of terrorism and the widows and orphans whose lives are stopped in one moment they need us and everything is money this is the oxygen this is life we ​​must pass on to them to digest their guts beyond all mental treatments with joy and wholeheartedly to be with them all the way through the treatment of the mentally and physically wounded soul And the mental and morale.

It is not possible for senior citizens and disabled people to enter the shelter within 30 seconds. Instead, they cower in fear in their tiny apartments.


On top of all this, food shopping is impossible. The grocery stores are closed. No one holds shelves. Everyone is trying to stay alive.

As always, in times of crisis, provides meals to sustain Israelis under siege.

It's not that we are fearless. We understand the risk of traveling around Ashkelon, Sderot, Ofakim and Gaza Strip, already now.


But we will not allow frightened Jews

We need your support to get through this crisis.


Please donate generously.

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Address in New York

NationalCenter for Terror Victims in Israel

Daniel Nehoray Cohen

355 Kingston Ave

,Brooklyn NY 11213


Association details

Name of the CEO Daniel Nehoray Cohen

phone 086611712

fax 086611713

mobile 0502213770


Association number 580380418

Office address

Barkat St. 7 

The number 12114 of the mail box 

The zip code is 1304447

Safed city, the state ofIsrael

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